The New & Free Feed Reader from Q-Sensei Has Many Benefits for Users

The New & Free Feed Reader from Q-Sensei Has Many Benefits for UsersFeedBooster, the new web-based and free feed reader from Q-Sensei is advanced technology and has powerful and distinct search technology that allows users to enhance productivity. This is achieved by accurately and rapidly taking advantage of timely and applicable information available from the rich store of RSS news, business feeds and blogs. The new feed reader was launched two months back and is in fact the first ever feed reader to have next-generation news and search filtering. There is scope for it to become an important tool for providers of internet marketing and SEO services.

Multiple Advantages

This new Q-Sensei creation has many advantages:

  • With just a few clicks, users can identify the relevant news through the dynamic and modern search engine
  • Does away with the concern of being behind on viewing, bookmarking and tagging feeds
  • Completely customizable dashboard
  • Readers can identify and share important information whenever they want to
  • There are small icons on each item that enable you to email the story, bookmark it, or share it on Facebook or Twitter
  • You can use sorting criteria combining specific author(s), date(s), language options, and tags
  • You can decide how you want to see the search results
    • minimalist version that has date, title and source
    • cable view – data is presented in the form of a list
    • excerpts are in tiles
  • A new user can sign in with Google, OpenId or Facebook; if you opt for the Google sign in, you can incorporate pre-defined feed sets on well-liked topics or your own preferred feeds, and import feeds from Google Reader.

Q-Sensei – a Powerful and Fresh Approach to Search Navigation

Q-Sensei is a powerful and fresh approach to search navigation. It looks into the increasing amounts of unstructured and structured data on the Internet, on private computers, on handheld devices and personal databases, and in Intranets or business networks.

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