Hiring an SEO Content Writer – Some Guidelines

SEO Content DevelopmentIn this age where more and more businesses are fighting to get a bigger chunk of the share of customers through online media, SEO content writing and SEO copywriting services would definitely come in handy. As has commonly been said, “content is king” in any SEO campaign. An online business cannot afford to go wrong in its style of content. In this blog, we provide some guidelines for making the right choice of an SEO content writer.

Compare SEO Copywriting and Content Writing Services

When you make online searches on Google and Yahoo for SEO and internet marketing companies in a particular location offering SEO content writing services, your search query will return a number of responses. Get in touch with these companies. Try to get writing samples from them or at least ask them to give you a free trial. You would be required to provide these companies with details about your company, the customers you are targeting, and the products and services that you wish to promote. Estimate the content you get as samples to see if it satisfies the following:

  • Use of competitive and business specific keywords in the right frequency (no keyword stuffing)
  • Use of keywords in sensible and grammatically correct sentences
  • Lucid, interesting and organized content
  • Topic relevance
  • Originality – You can check for plagiarism or copy-paste using Copyscape software
  • Written in a language and style suitable for your target customers
  • Content correctly focuses on your target customers
  • Compelling or attractive headings
  • Incorporates a call to action

Also Compare Turnaround and Pricing

The more “yes” answers you get for the above points, the more preferable that particular company is for your particular requirements. The content should be creative yet simple, impressive yet efficient in putting the right message across. Short-list some companies and compare turnaround times and pricing to make your final choice.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal is the Vice President of Managed Outsource Solutions, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to joining MOS, he worked as a physical therapist. Having worked in several rehabilitation clinics, Rajeev has learned the importance of good medical records for medical billing and liability issues and the importance of the good back and front office support. He has extensive knowledge in SEO, medical billing and coding, and medical transcription. He has worked with a number of large organizations to effectively manage and provide outsourcing solutions.