8 Latest Google Algorithm Changes

8 Latest Google Algorithm ChangesGoogle makes approximately 500 changes in a year in its search and algorithmic features. Astounding, isn’t it? This blog looks at 8 of the recent changes:

  • Flight Results on – From the 1st of December onwards, Google has started showing flight data in the Google search results for specific flight associated searches. Users can click on a flight or modify dates on a page to do more research for scheduling their trip.
  • Fresh Search Results – A change has been made to give search engine users more quality results in terms of detail and newness
  • “Parked Domain” Classifier – This algorithm helps to automatically identify parked domains. These domains are placeholder sites which are rarely useful and almost always completely filled with ads. According to Matt Cutts, these domains usually don’t have worthy user content which is why Google mostly does not want to show them.
  • New Image Results – A change was made to return the newest image results for news queries.
  • Refinements on Related Query Results – Sometimes, Google also returns results that resemble but are not the exact search terms that the user typed. The new change introduce would reduce the chances of such not-so-significant results ranking highly.
  • Live League Results – The latest schedules and scores from the Canadian Football League and Major League Soccer are shown. Users can also swiftly access box scores and game recaps.
  • Unique Content – New signals were introduced to make it easier for Google to predict the original from two web pages that look similar.
  • More Detailed Indexing – With the comprehensive indexing feature, more long-tail documents would be available in Google’s index. These documents would also rank better for suitable queries.

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