How to Optimize YouTube to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Optimize YouTube to Increase Traffic to Your WebsiteYouTube is the biggest search engine after Google. In fact, YouTube belongs to Google, the latter having acquired it in 2006. What’s more, statistics reveal that videos stand a 50 percent greater probability of getting organic first page rankings than websites on popular search engines. What all this should mean to you is that you can get more traffic to your website, provided you know how to use YouTube to your benefit. Read on to get some valuable YouTube optimization tips.

Boost Your Google Ranking and Online Reputation

Follow these easy tips to get more shares, views, a higher search engine ranking and a more powerful online reputation.

It’s All About Keywords – If you have the money for it, subscribe to Wordtracker to get suggestions for profitable keywords that are relevant to your video. If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for free keyword research tools such as Google AdWords. Your title and description should have keywords in them. Ideally you should choose keywords that have a high search volume but low competition. Avoid keywords that are overly generic. Two word keywords are preferable to single word ones. Develop a 100 word description for your video with a keyword density not exceeding 8 percent.

Tags are Important – Tags enable search crawlers to find your video from among the vast collection of videos. Tags should be separated by a space. Try to use descriptive tags. Example: party beach surfing is descriptive for a video that shows a person having fun with his friends at the beach.

Fresh and Valuable Content – Your video content should be fresh and unique so that people will like it enough to share it with other people who in turn will share it with others. This will increase traffic.

Post Often – If you have a lot of videos, don’t post them all together on the same day. You can post one a day and try to post videos often. The more often you post videos with valuable content, the happier YouTube will be.

Engaging Thumbnail – The thumbnail should be the most appealing of all the image choices in your YouTube video. This is because it is the thumbnail that people are going to see first in the YouTube search results.

Welcome Shares and Comments – The more shares and comments your video gets, the better for you.

Get Assistance from a Professional SEO Company

Providers of professional SEO services have a lot of experience in SEO optimization of YouTube videos. So if you entrust your requirements with them, you can surely get better results than if you tried to do the optimization yourself.

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