SEO Copywriting to Start Off Your 2012 SEO Campaign

SEO CopywritingAs 2012 approaches, online businesses would be planning on pepping up their online reputation. Professional SEO copywriting services can show the way. It is important to have fresh content posted often. To determine how regularly you should post (whether daily or once a week), look at your competition. If your posts have competitive keywords, you would rank better than dormant websites which don’t post very often. Here are some other tips:

  • Avoid Duplication – Google Panda does not accept duplicate content. So use Copyscape, a plagiarism checker to see if there are any duplicate pages on your website. If there are, remove them. Also avoid publishing duplicate content in article websites. Take the time to write unique and quality content.
  • Use Multimedia – Google would like to see videos and pictures in your web content. The more multimedia, the better, but it should be optimized.
  • Social Networks and Social Media – Make maximum use of social networks and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you write content that is off-site (such as a blog), you should use these media to distribute the content. The content should have a link to your website. Also take the effort to engage people who “like” or “follow” you.
  • Comment Away – Comment on blog and Facebook content posted by other people. In this way, people will comment on your posts too and you increase link juice to your website.
  • Other Tips – Share your blog posts through Facebook and Google+. Also try to give importance to mobile compatibility as this has become an important requisite to maximize social media reach and traffic.

Many businesses may not have the resources and time to ensure that they are adhering to the latest Google algorithms. It’s therefore highly advisable to locate an affordable SEO company that can deliver effective SEO copywriting services.

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