3 Social Media Optimization Tips for Small Businesses for 2012

Social Media OptimizationOwing to the limited resources that small businesses have, they usually settle for a few internet marketing activities that can bring them the best online results. Such businesses need to know how best they can make use of their time because time seriously does mean money for them. If you own a small business, you will surely be looking to achieve greater online success this year than you did in 2011.

Intelligent Social Media Optimization – Increased Online Success

Smart and optimal use of social media optimization can help you better promote your business, gain increased visibility and also connect to and get feedback from your customers. The social media marketing tips we’ve provided below will definitely come in handy this 2012:

  • Choose One and Give it Your Best Shot – There are so many social media websites that you may already be using or plan to use soon such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn, LiveJournal. Instead of trying to use all of them and putting in only partial efforts in each of them, determine which of the networks has the largest concentration of your audience. Tools such as LinkedIn’s search features and Follower Wonk are helpful. After determining that, put all of your efforts into an approach to engage your audience in those networks.
  • Reveal the Real You – Giving the target audience a customary business tip or linking to the business’ latest blog post is not a new thing – everybody does it. Why not try to show your audience that you’re a real person? Are you passionate about traveling, cooking, painting or something else? Post updates relating to these interests of yours. Your content should really hold the interest of your audience, be genuine and preferably have some humor.
  • Go the Extra Mile to Create a Design for Your Twitter Profile – If your company or brand is targeting a specific niche market, you should have a fabulous Twitter design. The design should be such that it shows you attach great importance to your niche. People should want to follow you after looking at your profile because they find valuable content on your profile. Locate other Twitter IDs that are looking to sell to the same niche market as you. Follow that account’s followers.

Consult the Professionals

If you get in touch with a professional SEO company, they will surely be able to help you put these tips into practice. Even better, they will add their own proven and innovative SEO services and tactics to get you the most out of social media optimization efforts.

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