Google Amercing Sites with an Abundance of Ads Above-the-Fold

Google Amercing Sites with an Abundance of Ads Above-the-FoldPositioning ads above-the-fold is a common practice with websites. These advertisements frequently do well and help to get money from online content. However, online surfers are not a patient bunch. They want to see useful content as soon as they click on a result. They don’t tolerate having to slog through so many ads before they can see the actual page content. Google has received complaints from users about websites having an excess of ads above-the-fold. Having taken note of that, the search engine introduced an algorithm change last Wednesday.

Websites that Exceed Acceptable Limits Would Be Penalized

The new change would not affect sites that utilize overlay ads, pop-ups or pop-unders. It would also do no harm to sites that place ads to a typical degree above-the-fold. However, it would affect websites that go above the normal limits. These are the sites that constantly push down their pertinent website content by huge blocks of ads. Google’s penalization of these sites is in keeping with its continuing efforts to help users find more worthwhile websites when they perform an online search.

Some Consolation

Google has suggested use of its tools such as the Browser Size Tool to comprehend how much of web page content can be seen at first glance by web page visitors under different screen resolutions. If you have noticed a fall in traffic in the last few days, there is a possibility it’s because your website isn’t compatible with the new algorithm tweak.

A Professional SEO Company Can Serve Your Future Requirements

If you are a business owner and independently handle the development of your website and SEO marketing efforts, you’d find it difficult to keep track of Google’s algorithmic changes and make modifications to your site accordingly. It surely wouldn’t make you feel better to know that this tweak is just one of 500+ changes that are to be expected in the course of 2012. Why not outsource your website development and SEO to a company that provides expert search engine optimization and internet marketing solutions? If not now, it will at least help you in the long run.

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