Google’s Panda Successfully Targets Content Farms

Google's Panda Successfully Targets Content FarmsGoogle may have come under criticism for some pretty unpredictable shake-ups since its Panda update, with many webmasters shaken that their websites which ticked all the right boxes in terms of quality and user-friendliness received a sudden drop in traffic and rankings. But according to a December report in the New Scientist magazine, the kind of websites the Panda update targeted, the content farms, have really been punished in the rankings.

The magazine initiated a research conducted by Richard McCreadie of the University of Glasgow with 50 search queries which were mostly targeted by content farms. When these queries were entered in the Google and Bing search engines in August 2011, there was a considerable decrease in the sites containing generic information in the top 10 lists when compared to March 2011. The Panda update was launched by Google on February 24. Instead, there were more sites that precisely targeted the search query.

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