Google Advertises Google+ Instant Upload Feature at the Grammys

Google Advertises Google+ Instant Upload Feature at the GrammysThe Grammy Awards function was special for Google because of a new commercial from the search engine which went live that night. The commercial is really moving to watch. It speaks volumes about a father’s joy at becoming a daddy. It also shows how much he loves capturing those moments he has spent with the newborn and keeping them for life. This was the Google+ way of publicizing its Instant Upload Feature. You can view the commercial here.

What’s So Special About Instant Upload?

The great thing about the Instant Upload Feature is that the photos and videos which you take with your phone can be automatically uploaded (only for phones with Android 2.2+). So even if you should lose your phone by chance (may that never happen!), you can rest assured that your photos have already been saved elsewhere. When you initially sign in, you have to choose between disabling and enabling Instant Upload. If you would like to modify the setting once you’ve signed in, just select the suitable option from Menu>Settings. When you disable Instant Upload, photos and videos from your “Photos from your phone” album would not normally get uploaded to Google+. However, they would get uploaded when you share them in post.

The elements in your “Photos from your phone” album on your mobile would vary with individual Instant Upload settings but would be one of the following groups of photos and videos:

  • Those that have just been stocked up locally on your phone and not uploaded
  • Those that have been uploaded using Instant Upload (All videos and photos uploaded)
  • A combination of those that have been uploaded using Instant Upload and those that are on the phone but haven’t been uploaded

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