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Microsoft Launches msnNOW as its Foray into the Social Scene

Posted on February 22, 2012 by

Microsoft Launches msnNOW as its Foray into the Social SceneMicrosoft is planning its entry into social networking. It has launched msnNOW which will gather data from other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bing,, and blogs for identifying stories and trends. Helping msnNOW do this is a box called “Biggest Movers” which automatically fills up every five minutes with the latest trending keywords, thanks to an efficient algorithm. Microsoft also features editors who will add links, give their insights on happenings and summarize these trends in one hundred words.

Social media tracking in real time

This is certainly a unique social networking method. Microsoft says the aim is to give people information on the current buzz. It is always hard to keep track of what people are searching the most, posting about or sharing. MsnNOW rewinds every 24 hours, sums up the findings, updates every five minutes, and gives an informed analysis of the findings. Microsoft claims this is possible because of advanced technology powering its algorithms that enable efficient tracking of every activity that goes on in the aforementioned social networks, blogs and sites in real time.

MsnNOW available through social media websites

Microsoft is offering the service through its website as well through other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter or in the form of a Facebook app. It remains to be seen whether msnNOW will help businesses in their online marketing strategies and make them alter it. Microsoft has squarely aimed msnNOW at youngsters, and as it begins to make its presence felt, it could spark new SEO strategies from businesses.

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