New Liveserps Tool for Quick SERP Viewing from Various Locations

New Liveserps Tool for Quick SERP Viewing from Various LocationsLive search results are often influenced by various factors in such a manner that results for a particular query aren’t the same for searchers from different geographic regions and having their distinctive activities and friends’ activities in their respective social networks. Many other factors such as browser settings and user search history influence rankings for searchers.

Personalized Search Accounts for Geographic SERP Variations

Search engines personalize results for users, which accounts for these variations. While this may serve the needs of users well, search practitioners would find it a Herculean task to actually gauge the performance of their SEO efforts through search engine listings for organic search as well as paid ads. It is important to see the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the optimized keywords or search queries in different geographic locations to fully understand the performance of your SEO strategies.

There are tools for this such as Adthena, The Search Monitor and others that can combine the search results in different locations to provide an overall view. Generally though, it is necessary to gather data from many days for a clear statistically significant picture to emerge.

LiveSerps – New Toolbar for Live SERP Viewing from Any Location

There is a new toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox called LiveSerps that has been developed for quick and instant viewing of live SERPs from any geographic location. Webmasters and SEO professionals can now assess the results of their work by gauging the organic results for their website and ads from any place. LiveSerps is currently reported to support major search engines in 20 markets in the US as well as 40 countries. SEO professionals can also use LiveSerps for analyzing SERP performance in iPhones and other mobile devices.

The best way to access smart tools such as these is by enlisting professional SEO services offered by experienced companies such as MOS. They use innovation to fine tune SEO strategies and help your business capitalize on search engine trends and algorithmic innovations.

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