Search Plus Your World Update Won’t Hurt Twitter, Costolo Says

Search Plus Your World Update Won't Hurt Twitter, Costolo SaysWith the new update called Search Plus Your World, Google’s search results may now place greater importance on Google+ profiles and content placed in Google+ by the particular business or individual listed in the result, but Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO does not believe that’s a positive step taken by Google.

Google+ Looking to Dominate Social Media though Not There Yet

The fact is Google+ hasn’t yet experienced the popularity levels of the major rivaling social networks and steps like these, according to Costolo only hamper the user experience as they may not be able to see potentially more popular listings which have profiles in Twitter and Facebook, but not Google+. In a recent interview Costolo stated that since Google’s algorithms have crawled 300 billion pages in Twitter, it could serve users better by including content and profiles from Twitter in the search results.

Not that Costolo is worried this would do anything to slow down the progress of Twitter which, it is fair to say, has been around much longer along with Facebook and now enjoys the devotion of 100 million users who actively tweet and update their profiles.

The Popularity of Twitter Is Its Strength

Costolo believes that Twitter cannot be affected by the plans made by Google or Facebook thanks to its user-friendliness that has endeared itself to users from the common man to celebrities. In fact, Costolo is also of the opinion that there is room for the various social networks to exist with one another as each has its own areas of strength. Still, the qualities of Twitter would be hard to match.

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