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New Algorithmic Changes by Google and What It Means to Webmasters

Posted on March 9, 2012 by

New Algorithmic Changes by Google and What It Means to WebmastersGoogle has revealed nothing short of 40 algorithmic changes in its search quality highlights for February, proving this is one search engine that keeps evolving every now and then. But among these updates, only some are major and include a link evaluation update, a Panda update, local search update and content freshness and relevancy update. Let’s check these out:

  • The link evaluation update is basically Google deciding to get rid of the current method of identifying the contents of a linked page. Google has not revealed much about the new link evaluation technique it has adopted.
  • The Panda update need not scare webmasters as it isn’t considered to be a major change. It is basically a refreshing of the algorithm data.
  • Google has further emphasized the importance of local search in search results by introducing a change that will generate local results based more on the factors determining main search result rankings.
  • Google has introduced new signals so that users always get the most recently updated relevant results to better serve their needs.

Other algorithmic updates deal with areas including travel searches, Google bar updates, improved video snippets and fresher images for image search.

Preparing for these updates involves a good amount of planning and appropriate changes to the SEO strategy based on an observation of the impact these updates cause. This is where the expertise of a professional SEO company such as MOS SEO Services comes into play. Its experience in dealing with the SEO strategy of various businesses can help webmasters integrate their strategies smoothly with these updates.

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