Viral Videos as a Marketing Strategy

Viral Video MarketingThere’s no doubt about it – viral videos are the new online marketing sensation. Uploading an interesting video on your product or service is a sure way to catch attention. In fact, this is a very effective and affordable method of marketing your business. Viral videos help you avoid the costs involved in an expensive ad campaign and gain a competitive edge quite effortlessly. They spread your message and build your brand by catching the attention of viewers across the globe. These videos have revolutionized the way businesses market themselves.

But as with everything else, there’s the right way to go about the business of viral video marketing. Some tips that can help you get the best results:

  • Ensure quality content: Your video should be entertaining and informative and make viewers want to share it with the right people – your potential customers. Entertain to attract, but make sure that the content relates to your product or service and is interesting enough to hold the attention of anyone who watches it. This will ensure that it gets forwarded through email, blogs, instant messaging and social media networks.
  • Keep it short: Web surfers don’t want to waste time watching one video. Use two to three minutes to put your message across efficiently. Long video clips tend to have a smaller audience.
  • Simple can be catchy: Avoid a flashy presentation. Even one person speaking about the product and saying the right things can catch the right kind of attention.
  • Make sure your message gets across: Time well spent pays off. Make sure your viewers get a good idea of what you’re trying to sell. Get your video reviewed before it goes viral so that you’re sure it can fulfill your goals. Important – soft sell, don’t let your video end up looking like an obvious advertising tool.
  • Update: Update your videos regularly or else people will lose interest.
  • Be easy to find: Include your website’s address on your video so that customers can easily locate you. Ensure that top keywords, tags and bookmarking links are included when you video is uploaded so that it is easy to share.

Finally, remember that viral video marketing should attract ‘actual engaged viewers’. A million views from people you’re not targeting is worthless.