6 Useful SEO Tips for Bloggers

6 Useful SEO Tips for BloggersIt is not enough to have a blog that is interesting, follows logical ordering and is informative. Of course, content is important, but if you want to increase viewer traffic to your blog and monetize it, you have to increase its online visibility.

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Here are some useful SEO tips to profit from your blogging:

  • Give Titles their Due Importance – Google attaches importance to page titles, so you should too. The title should be worded so that it includes important search words or phrases.
  • Internal Links – You may already be providing links to pages of your website in your blogs. In addition to that, try to provide links to other blog posts that you wrote in the past. This kind of interlinking can boost your search engine ranking. You can even try interlinking from the side bar or front page.
  • Categorization – The search engines have a tendency to like well-organized websites. By categorizing your blog content, you would also be making it easier for your readers to locate older posts.
  • Aim at Readers who would Most Probably Share – You must accept the fact that certain kinds of content, themes, writing styles and communities that work better than others in the online world. To ensure that your content really does get a wider audience, look for readers who have their own websites or blogs, or who have accounts on Google+, Facebook or Twitter and would be interested enough in your content to want to share it.
  • Guest Blog Give and Take – Initially, it may be difficult for you to get other people to contribute to your blog. So you can start off by asking people who know you and have a blog of their own, to allow you to guest blog for them. Once you’ve guest blogged, you just have to request them to do the same for you. If you’re approaching a very popular business person for a guest blog, give him a specific topic to write on. To convince him that it’s worth writing for your site, give him glowing statistics pertaining to the site such as social followers, traffic data and RSS subscribers.
  • Images and Illustrations that Others Can Use for a Link-Back Deal – If you have a talent for creating illustrations, graphics or humorous doodles, or photography, apply that talent to your blog. These images would open up another traffic opportunity for you by way of Image Search. What’s more, you can encourage others to use the images you have posted provided they link back to your blog.

Get Expert Help

Managing a business is no mean task. So you cannot be blamed if you have no time to optimize your website or monetize your blog even if you have useful SEO tips to guide you. Consider using the blogging services of a professional SEO outsourcing company.

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