Have You Uncovered the Potential of Craigslist?

Have You Uncovered the Potential of Craigslist?Online marketing is about identifying opportunities and loopholes and making the best use of them. Exploiting Craigslist is an example of that.

Originally founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 as an email friend list service that provided information on local events, Craigslist is now a centralized online network of communities where there are free classified advertisements posted which attract a large number of visitors. These classified advertisements are divided into sections such as “housing,” “jobs,” “resumes,” “services,” “gigs,” “community,” “discussion forums” and “for sale.”

Craigslist Is Made to Build Businesses Up

Craigslist has brought success to many businesses that listed their products or services through these classified ads. An advertisement on Craigslist could instantly raise the number of qualified visitors to your website and the awareness of your business.

The other advantage of utilizing Craigslist for your marketing goals is of course the fact that there is quite a significant amount of promotion and advertising you can do for free. It is a means of getting free qualified visitors. With Craigslist attracting around four billion page views per month, that’s a kill.

An Example of a Victorious Strategy on Craigslist

A great example of the importance of Craigslist in shaping a marketing strategy is the ecommerce website BGHYDRO that posted products based on the top 10 cities from which it received traffic. The products they posted on Craigslist were within these 10 locations. The website instantly experienced increased traffic and, as a result, sales. This success would also have most likely been experienced by millions of other businesses out there. Employing a smart strategy like BGHYDRO did could multiply the results.

Professional SEO services from a reliable SEO company could really prove to be the key to unlock the immense potential of Craigslist.

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