3 SEO Tips for Success from HubPages

3 SEO Tips for Success from HubPagesAnyone who wants to get noticed online can’t miss out on the opportunities available from publishing on HubPages. Not only would more people know about you and your reputation improve but you would also be able to make money. The money would be generated from ads that have been advantageously positioned on your content-rich and informational hubs and from eBay and Amazon products.

3 SEO Tips towards Victory

Given below are 3 SEO tips which you, assuming you are a new Hubber, could benefit from:

Tip 1 – Submit Original and Evergreen Content – The importance of original content cannot be stressed enough. Duplicate content is not only going to bring your HubScore down, it is also not going to be appreciated by Google. To develop original content, consider the following pointers:

  • Write about a topic that you are very familiar with and which has not been covered much in the online community
  • Product comparison guides and “How to” articles are ideal topics
  • See if there are any hot topics that have not been written about much but would still be relevant a year or two later

Avoid submitting news related articles which are definitely not evergreen and which would bring you traffic only for a limited period of time.

Tip 2 – Provide Good Titles – For starters, use the Google Keyword tool. Enter a search phrase pertaining to your article. Pick out about 5 keywords that receive between 500 and 40,000 global searches per month. Incorporate one of these keywords in your title, ensuring that the title is as specific as possible. Try to limit the title to 60 characters (at the most 65) or less. Try to avoid using “stop words” or unnecessary words such as “for,” “and,” and “best.” Google disregards stop words which actually lessen the percentage significance of the keyphrase in Google’s eyes.

Tip 3 – Write a Distinctive Summary – A good summary has the potential to improve your rankings. Ensure that your summary is not self-promotional, stuffed with keywords or an exact duplicate of your article title or any sentences in it. Ideally, it should comprise 3 to 4 small sentences, provide a proper outline of the information contained in your Hub and have 2 to 3 competitive keywords relevant to your article.

Get Help from a Proficient Service Provider

What we’ve given here are just 3 SEO tips. To know for sure what works and what doesn’t require a combination of skill and experience. Consider getting help from a professional SEO company to make the best of a presence on HubPages.

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