Build Your Brand with Google’s New Ad Measurement Tools

Build Your Brand with Google's New Ad Measurement ToolsBusinesses are relying more than ever on the Internet to push brands. Online marketing and digital media have got a fillip with Google launching two new metrics for brand marketers under its Brand Activate Initiative – Active View and Active GRP. These improved metrics are expected to help advertisers feel safer about investing more money in online marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics can monitor page visits and page views through clicks, conversions and interaction rates. The new tools, launched at the Ad Digital Age Conference held last month, go a step further as they measure branding. Marketers can now measure even brand recall (whether shoppers remember the name of your beauty product, for instance) and brand favorability (whether they like it).

Active View is aimed at measuring the percentage of the ad seen as well as the time it was seen. A “viewed” impression or what’s viewed is counted as a display ad that is viewable on the screen for at least one second.

So Active View is meant to measure whether an ad has actually been viewed. Google hope that this will help brand marketers pay only for display ads that are actually seen.

The second tool under the Brand Activate Initiative banner is Active GRP (Gross Rating Post). This is already used by advertisers on television to measure the percentage of people who saw a particular TV ad as well as the number of times they were exposed to the same ad.  Google says Active GRP will help brand marketers to instantaneously adjust their advertising campaigns.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and whether Google’s new tools will make digital advertising campaigns more accountable remains to be seen. Experts are saying adoption may be slow as marketers have become used to buying and selling billions of impressions or views – whether they’re seen or not.

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