Hit by Penguin? Here’s What You Can Do

Hit by Penguin? Here's What You Can DoWhat can you do if your website has been struck by the Penguin update? Panic could set in and before long you could be contemplating the impact this sudden decrease in traffic and rankings would have on your earnings.

Steps to Take When Hit by a Google Penguin Penalty

Google Penguin was launched on April 24, 2012, so if your website has experienced changes in traffic and rankings after that it is most likely the result of Penguin. Google’s Matt Cutts has explained what needs to be done:

  • When a website is hit with a manual penalty, the usual procedure is to file a reconsideration request after making the changes in order to request Google to revoke the penalty. But Cutts has explained that it cannot be done when a website is hit with a Google Penguin penalty.
  • So if your website has been penalized by Google Penguin you have to clean up the spam elements. When Google’s spiders crawl your website the next time, your website would get back to the top rankings it enjoyed.
  • But if even that doesn’t work, you may need to create a new website, Cutts explains.

The Target of the Google Penguin Update – Spam in Any Form

Google Penguin has been launched to specifically target spam. Any website even mildly indulging in spam practices for perceived superior search engine optimization could be affected. A single page could affect the whole website, even if the rest of it has decent quality. This has been the major problem with the current Penguin update, with many searchers claiming that great websites that used to come up high in the rankings are not around for various searches.

If anything, Google seems to be giving a strong message against indulging in artificial link building, keyword stuffing, irrelevant content and doorway pages that are against its prescribed search engine optimization guidelines. An experienced SEO company would be able to guide businesses in the right direction.

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