SEO Tips to be Safe from Google Penguin Persecution

SEO Tips to be Safe from Google Penguin PersecutionApril 24th, 2012 was an important day in the history of Google and of website owners. It was the day Google rolled out its dreaded Penguin update. The latest algorithm change followed a Panda 3.5 update change just a week earlier and a parked domains issue around the time of Panda 3.5. The series of updates left a lot of website owners wondering which was the thunderstorm that actually hit them. Anyway, Google Penguin has been launched as an improvement on earlier efforts to reduce web spam and ensure that website surfers have access to only quality content.

SEO Tips to Avoid Google Penalty

  • On-page Content – Go through your website and see if it could do with some more pages pertaining to your services. Think about questions relating to your company or services that your potential customers may have phoned you to ask about. Add some pages incorporating information that answers those questions. Update or get rid of any obsolete content.
  • Blogs, Newsletters and Press Releases – Blogs and Newsletters should be written as often as possible. You should write separate blogs to be submitted to quality sites in addition to your own. Press releases should have images and videos.
  • Avoid Repetition – Make certain that your website pages have distinct titles and meta descriptions. Ensure that the links to your website come from a variety of sources. Avoid using the same anchor text in all your inbound links.
  • Quality Links – The links pointing to your website should be from quality websites and not spammy or questionable ones.
  • Avoid cloaking, doorway pages and keyword stuffing.

Get Help

Google continues to be tight-lipped with respect to the update to prevent manipulation of its rankings. In such a situation, it is better to get the assistance of a knowledgeable and expert search engine optimization company to reduce the likelihood of a Google Penguin penalty.

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