Extremely Popular Koozai Updates Itself

Webmasters have good news. Koozai has updated the app and online versions of its free and extremely popular Website SEO Analyser, based on user feedback. The website analyzer, which was launched in August 2010, enables site owners to know the optimization capability of their website, and consists of useful bits of information such as domain age, inbound links, and the conformity of the Meta data to the guidelines of the search engine, among others. The resourcefulness of this advanced tool has led to more than 24,000 downloads to date with more than 1000 of these having come within a month of its launch.

Extremely Popular Koozai Updates Itself

The Updates to Koozai

According to the press release, the Koozai updates will enable it to offer website owners information about their site that is more accurate.

  • This has been achieved by updates made to the data sources.
  • Majestic SEO is one of these new data sources.
  • The greater accuracy and relevance of the information – with the most up-to-date updates and changes included – provided by the website analyzer will enable site owners to get a better picture of the performance and daily optimization potential of their website.
  • Users can now quickly and conveniently check their website’s SEO performance.
  • The new version of the Koozai Website SEO Analyser can also be recognized by its fresh design.

Tools such as these are important for webmasters to ensure their website manages to keep the traffic coming to it and maintains a favorable position in the search rankings. The professional SEO company has more tools in its arsenal to help its clients.

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