Tips to Reverse the Effects of Google Penguin on Your Website

Tips to Reverse the Effects of Google Penguin on Your WebsiteThe Penguin update seems to give a somewhat clear indication of Google’s stand against even seemingly insignificant examples of spam, penalizing websites for it. If you’ve experienced a drop in traffic and rankings after April 24, 2012, it could be a Penguin penalty for a page on your website that has low quality content and spam elements such as backlinks from a low quality website. Here are the steps to take to improve your website so that the next time Google’s spiders crawl your website, it gets ranked favorably.

How to Ensure Penguin Does Not Strike You Again

Ensure User-friendly Content

What Google basically wants webmasters to consider is to place greater importance on content quality and website user-friendliness than on on-site search engine optimization. People must get what they’re looking for when they enter your website. Quality content which isn’t excessively stuffed with keywords can make a significant difference to your entire website.

Monitor Backlinks and Remove Low Quality Links

Backlinks to your website should be relevant and have great value. Low-quality links may not be your fault at all, others could link to your website from low quality sites. But you’ve got to monitor the links to ensure that you aren’t penalized because of them. An experienced SEO company has smart tools to monitor backlink profiles of your website. This helps you track those link spammers and remove those low quality backlinks. The efforts you’ve made to remove these bad links need to be seen by Google.

Remove Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are the other spam elements targeted by Google Penguin. These are pages that redirect visitors to other websites, some of which the search engines cannot reportedly track. This, along with keyword stuffed content, is expressly forbidden in Google’s guidelines and must be avoided.

Hiring an SEO company to handle your search engine optimization is the right way to ensure penalties don’t come the way of your website.

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