Top 10 Reasons Why Your Site is Affected by Penguin

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Site is Affected by PenguinThere are many reasons why your site has seen a significant drop in rankings and traffic following Google’s April 24, 2012 Penguin update. Here are the top ten explanations:

  • You have over-optimized your website for the search engine. It may not be much, but Google punishes such tendencies.
  • You may have stuffed your content with too many keywords, suffocating the main text and heading of any relevance.
  • You may have engaged in web spam such as doorway pages, keyword-stuffed content, copied content, and so on.
  • Some of the backlinks to your website may be irrelevant and of low quality. What you need to do is use smart tools to track down these negative backlinks and remove them.
  • You might have been carrying out some kind of link manipulation such as automatic blog comment or forum post submission.
  • Your link building strategy may not have anchor text diversity. Link building should be centered on keywords, but also possess anchor text diversity.
  • Your website could be having issues with its interface.
  • Content may have become stale. Keep updating the content and make it something that users would really want to read about.
  • You may have failed to leverage the power of social media in drawing visitors to your website. The social media networks are where you can create a buzz through image and video uploads, comments, and more.
  • You may have not enlisted the help of a professional SEO company. This result in glaring SEO issues.