Top 10 SEO Tips for New Sites

Top 10 SEO Tips for New SitesHere are 10 SEO tips, which a professional SEO company will be familiar with, to help you if you’re starting a new website:

  • The Penguin update, which is Google’s attack on websites that do not religiously follow its webmaster guidelines. The key here is to place greater importance on the user-friendliness of your website and not over-optimize it for the search engine.
  • You’ve got to have a perception of how users search and select keywords that are competitive but have not been quite optimized by rival websites. But stuffing your content with keywords will hurt since Google’s Penguin update punishes websites having keyword-suffocated content.
  • Make your URLs short and try to include your primary keyword in it.
  • If you want users to come back to your website, stay there and perform the calls to action, they need to have relevant content that satisfies their needs and makes them share it to their friends through the social media outlets. Professional SEO copywriting helps here.
  • Make use of the power and influence of the social media to get potential users naturally attracted to your website. Incorporate social media sharing buttons in all your web pages.
  • Ensure that you don’t accumulate low quality backlinks in any of the pages of your website. Keep monitoring your backlink profile through tools which the SEO company would be familiar with.
  • Content submissions are important means to generate backlinks, but make sure you submit content to high quality, informative websites.
  • Make your website interface more user-friendly. This helps reduce its bounce rate and makes users come back to it.
  • Have a blog section in your website and keep adding new posts. This attracts followers.
  • Your meta description tag must be optimized. It should not include more than two sentences and keyword variants.

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