Top 10 SEO Tips for Redesigned Sites

Top 10 SEO Tips for Redesigned SitesGoogle’s aggressive algorithmic innovations, particularly the Penguin updates, have made it important for websites to improve their adherence to Google’s guidelines. Here are some SEO tips you could follow:

  • Improve content quality and freshness – Content is the most important element of a website, but adding too many keywords won’t work anymore as Google’s algorithms will seriously demote such websites.
  • Improve quality of backlinks and remove low quality ones – Backlinks have always been important to generate traffic. But even a single inbound link from a low quality website could affect the overall rankings.
  • Take away all spam elements, ensure each page is safe – A single page having spam elements could affect the rankings for the entire website. Every page counts, and must be monitored.
  • It is important to have an inventory of all the pages of your website so you can know what to change in each of your pages, which will ensure the maximum optimization for your site. Specialized tools are available for this.
  • Improve social media potential of your website – Links from social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ could significantly raise the profile of your website and its rankings.
  • Optimize conversions – Maximize the conversion potential of your website so that even a minor drop in rankings and traffic won’t significantly affect the earning capability of the website.
  • Ensure article submissions to quality websites – When you submit articles, make sure they are submitted to article websites with quality so that you don’t generate negative backlinks.
  • Avoid doorway pages and link farms – These have been specifically targeted by Penguin’s latest updates.
  • When you select a launch date for your redesigned website, give yourself enough time to test and monitor the website.
  • Hire professional SEO services that offer innovative tools and solutions for effective monitoring and optimization of your website.

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