What Does the Google Penguin Update Suggest?

What Does the Google Penguin Update Suggest?Is a Google update anything new? The hugely popular search engine, which has the capability to make or break a business, has always introduced algorithmic updates time and again in its quest to improve the user experience and fight against spam.

Google has developed its own guidelines and rules dealing with search engine optimization techniques that can be accepted, and now, with an update called Penguin, has taken a decisive move to enforce them. For many websites the results have caught them off-guard, more than it has been before with any other update.

Nearly Coinciding with the Panda Update

What has made matters more confusing is that this update, launched in April 2012, has come just after the Google Panda 2.5 update. But there is a difference between the Panda and Penguin updates. The former seeks to punish websites of low quality while the latter specifically targets websites that have over-optimized their website for the search engine, have compromised on user-friendliness and have not followed Google’s rules for white hat SEO to the dot.

Effects of the Google Penguin Update

Small scale businesses, that perhaps may not have sought professional SEO services, seem to have been the ones most affected till now. Some of them have suffered drops in traffic and rankings while some searchers have claimed that better websites have been penalized and some low quality ones have appeared higher in many results.

The Key to Success in the Age of Penguin

The best recipe to stay on top in the age of Google Penguin is to place greater focus on user-friendliness than search engine optimization alone. Don’t indulge in doorway pages, excessive linking, submitting content to low quality websites, and flooding your website content, articles, press releases and blogs with too many keywords.

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