Google+ Local Pages May Replace Google Places Pages

Google+ Local Pages May Replace Google Places PagesSEO services would be beneficial to help withstand the change

Google recently announced that it intends to change all its current Google Places pages into Google+ Local pages. No one was really surprised by the announcement because it was much expected. So people who use these features would have to make some changes so that the transition is easier. These are discussed below.

If You Have an Existing and Confirmed Google Places page

You’ll have to continue maintaining this page. You can continue verifying your fundamental listing information, make updates and reply to reviews. If you utilize AdWords Express, your ads would continue to function as usual. If you also had a verified Google + page representing your business, you’ll have to maintain this page separately till Google offers the facility to shift your Google Places page (which will change to Google + Local page) and your Google + page.

If You Don’t Have an Existing Google Places Page

You can get one by going to and hitting “Get started now” to claim your company by way of business phone number. When you make this page, you’ll want to remember some standard SEO practices.

  • Utilize a “Location” or “Contact” page in the “Website” field because these specific landing pages usually have more powerful geographic signals.
  • Reduce the use of keywords in your business title because extra words can cause data center mismatches between the keyword-optimized title and your business name.
  • Upload as many pictures as you can to make your profile appear attractive to visitors.
  • Utilize a phone number in the Google+ Local listing that incorporates the area code of the city you are located at.

Once these are done, you have to focus on developing a distinctive Google+ Page under the Local Business or Place” category.

Get Professional Help

Considering the many changes that you would have to make after Google’s big announcement, it would be better to use expert SEO services to save time and money and to get the best results.