Google’s Inconsistent Action against Bad Links Causes Confusion

Google's Inconsistent Action against Bad Links Causes ConfusionGoogle has recently displayed uncharacteristically inconsistent behavior in its efforts to target bad links. The search engine giant had been warning for months about the effect bad or artificial links would have on websites and their rankings and overall performance. Google, however, has claimed that the warnings it sent out in the week beginning from July 15, 2012 can be ignored. While even a minute change or innovation in Google’s algorithms causes a stir, this seeming about turn has caused nothing short of confusion.

Google’s War on Unnatural or Artificial Links

Artificial links are generally a result of the website taking part in link schemes or buying links. But the website could also be a victim of hacked links. The warnings Google has been issuing to webmasters seem to suggest that it would be penalizing websites that refuse to follow the link guidelines.

But the mild nature of the warnings led to the opinion that Google might just be warning webmasters about the presence of unnatural links in their website and asking them to remove these to prevent action being taken against the website. However, the warnings did say that the website would have to be submitted for reconsideration which implies that it could be penalized.

Google ‘Clears’ the Air, At Least It Thinks It Does

Google’s Matt Cutts now advices that the latest warnings, if sent out to innocent websites that have been victims of hacked links and not indulging in spam activities themselves, could be ignored. If your site has been a victim, and whether you find it be penalized by Google or not, Cutts advises you to mention the fact in the reconsideration request.

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