Important Technical Tips for SEO Success

Important Technical Tips for SEO SuccessStop worrying every time there’s a Panda update. Go by these valuable tips to keep your website on track and ensure profitability with your SEO campaign:

  • Have a search-engine compatible and people-friendly URL: Make sure your URL is simple, clear and easy to understand. This will encourage a higher click rate and more visitors. Keep Google happy with a single URL for each page, otherwise you could end up with a ‘Panda slap’. Optimize your home page with a simple canonical URL.
  • Make sure your pages are found and indexed by search engines: This is possible by linking your HTML sitemap from your website’s home page. Preserve your link power with one consistent URL per page, provide your pages with unique content, tags and meta descriptions, and ensure that important category pages have inbound links from other websites.
  • Optimize your page coding to speed up content indexing: Make sure your pages load quickly when users click on your links. In fact, your site’s ranking on Google would fall if ‘crawl time’ is high. So check load speed with Google Webmaster Tools, and if necessary, make use of Google’s ‘PageSpeed’ services to increase page load speed. Try to avoid using Javascript and Flash in your menus as their crawlability is low when compared to HTML.
  • Measure response rates to find SEO-friendly keywords for your site: Whether Google analytics or any other analytics, set up your software to measure response whichever way you choose – through sales, downloads or visits to your key site pages. Ecommerce tracking and attaching values to Goals can help you measure response metrics in terms of money. You should also track internal and external promotions, outbound links and social sharing.

Your best option for a professional solution to your website optimization needs is to locate a reliable and experienced SEO company. This would ensure end-to-end SEO services in accordance with sound technical principles for maximum gain.

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