URLs to Please Both People and Target Visitors

URLs to Please Both People and Target Visitors
A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a web address. It is displayed in the address bar of your web browser. For example:

In the next few paragraphs you’ll get some valuable information on having a search-engine compatible and people-friendly URL.

The Ideal URL – Some Pointers

A. A simple URL is to be preferred to a complicated one – Thus, is to be preferred over a URL such as

Two important benefits of a simple URL are:

  • There is a greater possibility of websites linking to it owing to the ease associated with it. They would be able to paste the complete URL without any errors.
  • A clear URL may convince a reader that the URL has what the reader is looking for. This in turn would increase your site’s Clickthrough Rate (CTR).

B. Only One URL – Each page on your website should have only one URL. Having more than one URL for a page is equivalent to having a duplicate page. If there are links from other websites or your own to both URLS, the page’s possible link power would be diluted between them. In other words, the highest ranking of those pages would appear less on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), and get fewer visitors and less response compared to the situation if all the links were directed to just one URL (one page).

C. Reduce the Number of Variables – This is in keeping with the principle of keeping the URL simple. Wherever you can, use real words instead of parameters because they are clear, more descriptive and simpler to use.

D. Make Known the Canonical and Duplicate URL – If you have to use more than a single URL for a particular page, then make sure that either:

  • You add a rel=”canonical” tag to the duplicate OR
  • You add a 301 redirect rule to point the duplicate to the canonical

Get Expert Assistance

To ensure you have the perfect URL every time for impressive SEO results and online popularity, it is wise to get help from a professional and up-to-date provider of SEO services.