Will Google Handwrite Alter Search Engine Optimization If It Catches Up?

Innovation and change are two things that characterize the search world. Search engine giant Google has introduced the Handwrite option on its search page optimized for mobile devices. This is, yes you’ve guessed it, an input mechanism by which users can write their search query instead of typing it.

The Innovation behind Google Handwrite

This is quite an innovation, and Google explains that this will enable users to write their search query using their finger anywhere on the screen. Google also mentioned that this would be particularly useful in certain situations such as while traveling in a taxi on a bumpy road.

Will Google Handwrite Alter Search Engine Optimization If It Catches Up?

Google also mentions that Handwrite has been designed for 27 languages and can be used on Android 4.0 tablets, Android 2.3 phones and iOS5 devices. Handwrite can be activated through a few settings on the Google search page. This is proof that Google is innovating on making the user experience better.

Will Handwrite Be Embraced by Users?

Should this experimental development take hold of the users, its impact on search engine optimization is anybody’s guess. While other search applications such as voice activated search have yet to become truly popular, it remains to be seen just how great an impact Google Handwrite can have on the general user. Searching by typing seems to be straightforward enough though for mobile users writing may be an advantage.

A professional SEO company will be able to take care of all the worries businesses face due to such innovations – how this would affect the frequency of searches, whether users will begin to search differently when they write down their queries, and so on. The experience of an SEO company helps here.

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