Exciting Happenings in the SEO World

The SEO world has been active with interesting activities. Here are some of the most important happenings:

Google’s Index Status

Google has launched Index Status as part of its webmaster tools. It provides information about the number of pages indexed for your site through last year. Google mentions that is an accurate count and does not involve duplicate URLs. The data can also be made available when you submit XML sitemaps. However, this will provide you with full indexing numbers only if you have comprehensive sitemaps. Google also mentions that the data provided through Index Status could have a lag time of two weeks.Exciting Happenings in the SEO World

London 2012 on the Social Media

London 2012 has become the most followed event in the history of social media. This was even 98% larger than Super Bowl 2012. Twitter and Facebook secured the lion’s share of Olympic sharing. This has also led to analyses of which elements of the opening ceremony were more popular.

Google Fiber – Fast and Cost-effective

Google Fiber has tasted immense success since its launch thanks to the upload and download speeds of 1000 Mbps which makes it 100 times faster than the fastest Internet connection currently available. This makes it ideal to facilitate HD videoconferencing. You can bid goodbye to buffering videos and cloud gaming won’t drag the entire system. Kansas City is the first city in the US to receive Google Fiber. Google is offering it for a mere $70 or $120. Midwestern residents can remit a construction fee of $300 and get the Fiber for free.

A professional SEO company keeps tabs on all these latest happenings to ensure their clients exploit each marketing opportunity.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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