Marissa Mayer Gets to Work at Yahoo

Marissa Mayer Gets to Work at YahooOnce a reputable name in Internet innovations, Yahoo is now a pale shadow of its former self. But that could all change if some brainy moves are expectedly made by Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s new CEO poached from Google. She was expected to bring in ideas and strategies perfected at Google, but no one realized just how fast that would happen.

Making Her Presence Felt Already

Already she has implemented at Yahoo office morale boosting procedures including free food, an all-hands meeting and a workspace rework in a bid to make the atmosphere more energetic and creative.

Key Acquisition Announcements Expected

On the business end, Mayer is expected to announce some product upgrades, acquisitions and changes. Yahoo is expected to have a product-oriented approach and an announcement in that regard is expected to come soon. Mayer’s ship jumping from Google is also expected to bring other leading figures from the search engine giant to Yahoo.

The big challenge for Mayer is to get back Yahoo from its present position to the glorious status it once had. But she will have to tread carefully since Yahoo’s financial position is nowhere near where Google’s is. So each acquisition will have to go through a massive rethink process. Resource allocation is likely to be one of the key areas of focus of Yahoo.

Reinvigorating Key Growth Inducing Areas

Experts are of the opinion that Mayer must re-energize the mobile and local endeavors of Yahoo. These are important areas that can influence the growth of the entire organization. Yahoo Mail needs to get popular again, as popular as Gmail has become. This would be another of the areas where the popular CEO weaves her magic.

Whatever happens, a professional SEO company will be keeping its eyes and ears open to any changes.

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