Smart Placement of Reviews in Your E-Commerce Website

Smart Placement of Reviews in Your E-Commerce WebsiteReviews contribute helpful and unique content to the product pages of an e-commerce website, particularly if the website has manufacturer supplied content. Product review pages on the other hand are an intelligent method to gain long-tail traffic in the early stages of the buying cycle. So ideally, you should balance your reviews between both types of pages to get maximum benefit.

How to Proceed

The initial few comments can be kept on the product page and when the number of reviews reaches the maximum (for example anywhere between 3 and 10), the reviews can be moved over to the reviews page. You should make up your mind about which reviews should feature on the product page possibly by those which your website visitors find most useful. Alternatively, you could base your choice on some other factor such as a range of star ratings or the most recent. It may not be a good idea to display only the highest rated reviews because shoppers may not be happy if they realize what you are doing.

Keep in mind that the reviews which appear on the product page should not also appear on the review page. The link on the former page should read something like this – “see more reviews” rather than as “see all reviews.”

To make the re-organization of your website reviews easier and enjoy maximum online success from your e-commerce website, do seek the assistance of a professional SEO company. With in-depth knowledge gained from researching into various SEO strategies, professionals there would ensure you customized services.

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