Adwords Introduce New Feature to Share Daily Budgets between Multiple Campaigns

Google AdWords was introduced by Google for advertising and various marketing related services. AdWords offers Pay Per Click advertising and is used as a medium for advertising text, banner, and various ads.

Google’s AdWords has released a new feature that will allow advertisers to share their daily budgets between multiple campaigns in a single account. A marketer may have a fixed daily budget to spend across multiple product lines, or channels. This new feature helps the marketer to dynamically reorganize that budget if required, for instance, if one campaign falls short on volume.
 Adwords Introduce New Feature to Share Daily Budgets between Multiple Campaigns
Step 1:

Select the Shared Budgets feature.

Step 2:

Select Budgets.

Step 3:

Create a shared budget: Pick an amount that is large enough to cover your campaign.

Step 4:

Apply it into campaigns: Select a campaign that will draw from this new shared budget.

Step 5:

Select the method to show ads

a) Standard- shows ad evenly over time.
b) Accelerated – shows ad as quickly as reasonably possible.

If you switch to using a shared budget in the middle of the day, the new budget number will apply from the time you create it.

Most of the users responded very positively to this Google feature though some users are not over-excited.

Marketers like Matthew Umbro, director of paid search at Exclusive Concepts, is concerned that when this feature is used by marketers there is a chance of one campaign to have monopoly over the others. ”For example, Campaign A might contain more competitive keywords than Campaign B. Due to the high search volume of Campaign A’s keywords, the keywords in Campaign B don’t get the impression share necessary to gather enough data. Campaign A is not only using its own entire budget, but Campaign B’s as well,” he said. “Though a nice idea, I’m not sure how Google will regulate the impression share by campaign when advertisers utilize shared budgets.”

The Google Adwords new feature has drawn a mixed response from marketers. But marketers can achieve success in their business by outsourcing to an SEO company providing reliable PPC and SEO services at an affordable rate.

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