Facebook Aiming to Increase Revenue through Search Ads

Facebook MarketingFacebook users will see ads popping up in their search results in the near future. Facebook is making an API available for developers to generate sponsored search results. This will definitely help marketers increase their brand awareness among Facebook users.

Facebook developed a new marketing strategy in order to increase its revenue through ads. The social network integrated sponsored results into its search function. If a person uses the Facebook search bar to find a friend, place, application or anything else, the ads will pop up before the search results in a black outlined section with a “sponsored” gray bar displayed. User can skip this ad by closing this small window.

“I love this new ad format because it is very specific, non-invasive and appears right when a Facebook user is searching for something,” said FBAdsLAB’s Jennifer Sheahan.

Good Platform for Advertisers

Facebook’s new search ads have the advantage of using their search functions to attract all users rather than having to rely on less direct ads, said Jennifer Sheahan. The new ad format is more effective than Facebook’s contextual ad format. Facebook has been focusing on more efforts at advertising with a view to pacify investors who are worried that the site is having trouble growing its income.

The social network site is expecting $100 million advertising revenue in 2012. The ads are now available only in desktop search, not for mobile.

The new Facebook marketing trend will surely create a good platform for marketers to promote their products globally.