How to Deal with Google Penguin

How to Deal with Google PenguinNever has an algorithmic update from Google made so many faces frown, as Penguin has. It has taken many webmasters off guard and given them sleepless nights. But there are ways to be successful with Penguin. Here are some points to remember.

Ensure Content Quality

Your website should have quality. It is pretty clear that website content should be original and relevant. This is one of the main issues Penguin targets. Quality is pivotal which is why efficient SEO copywriting is needed. Quality content equates to user-friendly content.

Minimum Links

Links are great but should not be too many since they give a spam-like feel to your website. Not only should the links be at a minimum but should not interfere with the quality or user-friendliness of the content. Links should be logically integrated into the content as well.

Monitor Your Backlink Profile

Ensure effective monitoring of your backlink profile. Low quality links can not only send your website to the bottom of the rankings, but also take it out forever. However, do not be overly concerned about competitors setting up links to point to your site. Google’s algorithms are smart enough to detect deliberate attempts by rivals.

Quick Page Loading

Google also insists on quick page loading since it affects the user-friendliness of the website more. For quick loading, there must be no validation errors in your website. Each page must have limited file size.

If your website has too many issues that are tracked by Penguin and have sent it straight to the bottom of the rankings, it is better to start afresh without carrying over any of the old elements. You know you can seek the services of a professional SEO company for that.

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