Microsoft Rebrands its Ad Tools as Bing Ads

Microsoft ad Center has become simply Bing Ads. Microsoft and Yahoo have also announced their combined search marketplace official name as Yahoo Bing Network.

Microsoft’s Tina Kelleher said in a statement that “Bing Ads is not only a new name, but an improved experience with new features to help you better manage your campaigns and complete tasks faster.” A new web interface, enhanced ad rotation controls, and agency enablement tools are the latest updates in the Yahoo Bing Network. These are easily accessible for agencies to handle multiple accounts.Bing Ads

Changes made in Bing Ads:

  • Historic Quality Score
  • Negative Keywords Conflicts Report
  • Share of Voice reporting
  • Ad delivery status and ad preview tools

Microsoft and Yahoo says that in the U.S, their search sites reach around 151 million searchers who can spend about 124% more than any average searcher, and 5% more than Google searchers which accounts for about 30% of the search share. If this situation continues, the advertisers can reach around 46 million different searchers in the U.S. alone who aren’t using Google search.

The companies said that comparing the results worldwide, with 489 million unique searchers, 92 million aren’t using Google any more. In a Worldwide comparison the Yahoo! Bing Network has an audience who spend 124% more than the average searcher and 78% more than Google searchers worldwide.

Besides Yahoo and Microsoft Core Search sites, the Yahoo! Bing Network represents partner sites such as Facebook, Amazon, WebMD, Monster, CNBC, and Viacom. Advertisers should also note that Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices use Bing as default search.

Providers of SEO services can use Bing ads as an excellent tool for PPC advertising.

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