New Google+ Apps for Business Launched

New Google+ Apps for Business LaunchedGoogle has just released some features for Google+ designed for facilitating collaboration and communication inside an enterprise. Customers of Google Apps for Business have been offered these features as a trial through 2013-end.

What is Google Apps for Business?

Google Apps for Business is a collection of software solutions for better collaboration, communication and productivity. Among the many components here are Google Calendar, Google Plus, Google Drive and Gmail. Along with these, Google offers administrative support as well. These apps require only an Internet connection and a browser. They can function flawlessly with Windows, Apple OS X, Ubuntu or other combinations.

Video Conferencing through Hangouts

One of the exemplary features here is the Hangouts option for video conferencing. All the user needs to do is arrange a meeting from Google Calendar or Gmail. Invitations can be sent to a maximum of 10 attendees even outside the company. Attendees can join from a computer or mobile phone with a camera and Internet connectivity by clicking a link in an email invitation. Presentations are made through Google Docs and users can share Google spreadsheets, edit them and make comments.

Ensuring Privacy of Posts

The Apps for Business integration can enable enterprises to restrict posts made in Google+ to some specific groups or business units. Posts made privately cannot be shared beyond the organization.

More Google + Innovations Set to Come

According to Google, these Google+ Apps may be the latest innovations, but are just the beginning. More innovations such as apps with greater administrative controls are planned in the upcoming months. There is also a mobile version being planned.

Google+ Apps for Business are great tools for business success and signal Google’s intention to project itself as an indispensable communication and business weapon.

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