Track Your Facebook Data with the New Wolfram Alpha Tool

Wolfram Alpha is an innovative computational search engine that can be used to analyze your Facebook data. It was developed by Wolfram Research. It will search your Facebook account and provide detailed information about your most popular photos, posts, status regarding the types of friends you have including their age range, religion and relationship status, what day of the week you were born, the population of the city you live in and much more. If you find any of this information interesting you can share it on social media networks.

In order to use the Wolfram Alpha tool,

  • Go to the Wolfram Alpha website
  • Type in “Facebook report”
  • Click “Analyze My Facebook data”
  • Give permission to Wolfram Alpha to access your Facebook profile and history.

Track Your Facebook Data with the New Wolfram Alpha Tool

Now you will get a detailed and graphical representation of your Facebook social media networking life.

Personal analytics as well as data collection of friends in Facebook can be easily done with this novel application. It is a fun tool, however, it also points to the huge amount of personal data people willingly share on social networks. The developers feel that this awareness may prompt some to restrict the info they make public, while some others who have a passion for tracking personal data may share more on these networks.

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