TROVE – An Alternative for Facebook Search

Searching and finding out the right product or services through various social media sites is note that easy. For instance, when we consider Facebook, all of us know that its search function is not up to the mark. Now there’s a new Facebook search engine called TROVE, it connects you to your Facebook account and helps you find what you’re looking by scanning the content associated with your account.

Trove’s founder and CEO Seth Blank says that this service is not a replacement for your Facebook search. It will help you to find what you want more easily.
TROVE - An Alternative for Facebook Search

How Trove works:

  • First, connect to your Facebook account using Trove
  • Trove scans content that is associated with your account – your own updates, various types of links and photos, and also those posted by your friends
  • The collected information is used to create a searchable index.
  • When that’s done, you can search back through all that content to find links, images and names.

Features of Trove:

  • Trove default search results are based on relevance
  • The most impressive thing about Trove is that it’s not actually based on pure text matching.
  • Trove uses several filters at the top of the results page that will limit the user searches to photos, links and check-ins.

Privacy Concerns

Regarding privacy concerns, Trove explains, “When you connect a service, only you have permission to see what you have connected, you are not granting your friends or any unauthorized third parties the ability to see your data”.

Limitations of Trove

  • One feature that Trove lacks is the ability to search just through your own content or just through your friend’s content in Facebook.
  • The setting up regular rescanning and indexing feature is not yet available, but this can be expected in the future
  • Due to Facebook’s API limits, the time limit it can take to complete a content indexing scan ranges from several hours to even a day
  • Trove only does Facebook search now. It’s expected that it will be available for various other Social media websites in the future

Looking at its many features, Trove can prove quite useful for social media marketing services.

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