Twitter Enhances Advertising with Interest Targeting

Twitter Enhances Advertising with Interest TargetingSocial media optimization has taken a new turn with Twitter introducing interest targeting to help advertisers. This new strategy allows marketers to identify and send messages to consumers based on their interests or likes. If a Twitter user selects an interest in movies and television, ads related to latest movies and television show up. There are about 140 million monthly active Twitter users globally and so interest targeting is expected to have a dramatic marketing impact.

Two different ways through which Interest Targeting is done

For a deeper reach you can target around 350 interest categories. These range from “education” to “home and garden” to “investing” to “soccer”. Categories are again divided into subcategories. For instance, “Action and Adventure” is a subcategory under “Movies and Television” and “Basketball” is a subcategory under “Sports.”

If, for example, a marketer wants to promote a new action movie, he would select “Action and Adventure, a sub category under “Movies and Television”. Interest targeting will allow these ads to reach only the interested audience.

For better focus, marketers can create custom segments by specifying certain @usernames that are specific to what product they need to promote. Custom segments will help the marketers to reach users who have interests similar to that particular @username’s followers, but not to specifically target the followers of that particular name. If you want to promote your art exhibition, you can set up a custom audience by adding @usernames of related artists. This will help you target users with similar interest in art. So you can reach out to a more relevant audience for your venture with this new feature.

In the Final Analysis

While the new advertisement model is useful for both advertisers and users, there are allegations that Twitter is violating your privacy by giving your personal data to advertisers.

Nevertheless, this new type of advertising method is being called the future of social media optimization. Interest targeting will certainly reach the right users in a more meaningful way. Food for thought: social networking sites should come up with ad methods that do not micro-target users and invade their privacy.

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