Exploring Facebook’s Marketing Resources

Exploring Facebook’s Marketing Resources Here are five Facebook marketing resources that can boost your website traffic and sales:

Check out the ‘marketing page – it has more than 2 million likes. This page is meant to help marketers use this social networking site to market their products more effectively. It usually features posts about workshops or seminars held for marketers. Replies are provided to various queries posted on the wall. Besides spotlight statistics, a business can gain from a whole lot of essential tips on this page.

Then there’s the advertising page which tells you how Facebook ads can work for you. It tells you how to build your page, get connected to potential customers and promote your posts to attract the right traffic. You can read success stories and get answers for relevant questions.

Their Business Page is one of their least known resources. It mainly deals with how you can make the most of Facebook for your business. This page deals with the basics like developing a page as well as conversation etiquette. It also gives tips on catching the interest of your audience and on how you can influence your friends.

Facebook Studio is another great resource for marketers. It showcases several of the company’s campaigns. Studio Edge is an online course that gives the users a lot of useful information like research, measurement, resources, and tools to help with marketing through this social media site.

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