Facebook Achieves Milestone of One Billion Monthly Global Users, Expands Potential for Viral Marketing

Social MediaFacebook now has more than one billion monthly users. This includes 600 million mobile users.  Announcing this, founder Mark Zuckerberg said that if his company continued to “build the best products”, they could dominate the social networking market for “a long time”. Launched in 2004, Facebook is the first social networking site to reach the one billion milestone.

Facebook attracted 900 million users in less than a decade and made a billion dollars last year. In its last update in June, Facebook said it had 955 million users that include 543 million mobile users. Since its launch, statistics reveal that there are over 1.13 trillion “likes,” around 140 billion friend connections, and 219 billion photo uploads.

According to the independent website, the largest number of Facebook users is in the United States, over 166 million, followed by other countries like Brazil (58 million), India (55 million), Indonesia (47 million) and Mexico (38 million).

All this makes Facebook a great platform for marketing your business. If you use this social networking site wisely, you can now showcase your product or service to more than one billion customers. A Facebook account allows you to connect to your target customers and interact with them. Facebook offers business pages for small businesses as well as large corporations, and can be used for the promotion of all types of products and services. Your Facebook page allows you to post pictures and videos, link your blog and other websites, and receive customer opinions. The secret is to update your page and keep posting regularly. You can also design an ad, pay for it, and make it go viral as soon as Facebook approves it. You can use your Facebook ad to target people by age group, region, and much more.

Search engine marketing experts know all about using Facebook to advertise businesses. So your best option for viral marketing using social media sites like Facebook is seek the services of a professional SEO company.

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