Five Ways to Network and Market on Twitter and LinkedIn

Five Ways to Network and Market on Twitter and LinkedInSocial media helps you to connect and interact with others. Social media marketing through Twitter and LinkedIn is a great way to obtain maximum visibility for your products and services. Here are some easy ways to identify and talk to the right people and ensure successful marketing.

1. Create a profile and provide relevant information

You need to create a profile in these social networking sites. One of the best places you can start is by blogging and giving links to your website. Follow the users on these sites. Create optimized Twitter lists. Comment on their tweets or observations and get feedback on your offerings. Tweets will appear in Google search results and are highly valued in search algorithms.

2. Share content

You can share everything related to your products and services on these social networking sites. You can share your website and email links. You’ll very likely have users in your field come out with comments and ideas of their own. You can implement these ideas if you find they will do your business good. Try to answer your followers’ queries.

3. Influence Twitter users

Create a Twitter profile name relevant for your business or product. Tweets should contain keywords and it should be less than 140 characters in order for the user to retweet them. The use of hashtag keywords in your tweet will increase the exposure. Also, reply to users’ tweets and give your comments.

4. Join the required LinkedIn groups

Create a personal account and create a group for your brand. LinkedIn groups are great forums for discussions — members often share articles, ask questions, and start online conversations with each other. Do a quick group search on LinkedIn, and you’re likely to get a long list of groups. Try to add keywords in the description and title of your group to increase your search rankings in LinkedIn’s search section. Mention the company website or blog to the group. Place your blog RSS feed to the group, so if you post a new article it will be automatically posted to the home page of every group member. In LinkedIn you can ask questions, answer questions and increase your credibility. You can also post upcoming events in the event platform.

5. Follow and join the users who are following you

You need to see the people who view your profile and follow you or wish to join your network. Search this out at least once in a week. Increased number of followers will increase the page rank. If required, connect with these people because they may want to know more about your business, products or services.

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