Google launches “Google for Entrepreneurs”

Google is an Internet Search company created in 1998. One of the most visited sites in the world, Google has major web-related products such as Chrome, Gmail, Google Docs and Google Map. It is also a leader in the mobile market with its Android mobile operating system.

Google launched Google for Entrepreneurs on its 14th birthday. It’s an initiative of programs and resources supporting entrepreneurs and startups. Google said that according to the statistics, there were about 400 million entrepreneurs across 54 countries. Google is already collaborating with entrepreneurs in a number of countries and supports a large number of regional organizations to develop startups. So essentially, ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ is simply a platform that will be used by the company to organize all its important activities and projects.

Google for Entrepreneurs

Google Says It Will Focus Mainly on Three Areas

  • Google will make partnerships with strong organizations that help entrepreneurs in local communities around the world.
  • Give important Google tools in the hands of startups.
  • Conduct special programs to bring their teams and tools directly to entrepreneurs.

Google will launch the campaign with “Google for Entrepreneurs Week” with events in 26 cities in 13 countries around the world. They also got some entrepreneurial-support programs and partnerships around the world in different regions including South Africa, Bulgaria, Korea, Israel, London, Egypt, Australia and Kenya, Portland, Austin, New Orleans, D.C., Atlanta and various other locations in different parts of the US. Google plans to extend this program to more cities next year.

Social media sites surely play a major role in developing and marketing new business ventures around the world.

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