Instagram Helps Content Marketing

Instagram Helps Content MarketingWant to promote your product and brand? Think Instagram! A visual-based social app like Instagram is helping to market products and services like no other application. If you have a lot of visual content on your business that you want to share, Instagram is the way to go. The advantages of using this app:

  • People are influenced more by images and pictures more than other formats of content
  • This picture-based social application encourages instant user interaction in social media marketing platforms.
  • Instagram has a share function that allows users to click a photo from their mobile phone, add an attractive filter, and then post it on social networks.
  • Instagram’s geo-tag feature adds the place where the picture is taken. This allows you to create a Photo Map.
  • Posting images from a blog or article linking to them on Instagram will help attract additional traffic to your content – if your targeted customers are on Instagram. According to a recent Association of Magazine Media (MPA) survey, 45 percent of people use smart phones and other mobile devices for accessing content on a regular basis.
  • Using Instagram’s weekly throwbackthursday is a great way of marketing archived content to potential customers.
  • You can share behind-the-scenes content with your audience using Instagram. For instance, if you sell Tee-shirts, you can link to pictures showing how they’re made.
  • Instagram can be used to create an image carrying a promotional code or has other information telling your followers about how to cash in on a special offer.

Starbucks is one of the best examples of how a business uses Instagram to promote its brand. The company turned its customers into endorsing its product. Its recent fall campaign is a collection of the best photos of Starbucks customers on Instagram, showing the relationship between autumn and a hot Starbucks coffee. Instagram is growing and adding on new capabilities. If you have the content, Instagram is one of the best ways to connect to your audience.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal is the Vice President of Managed Outsource Solutions, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to joining MOS, he worked as a physical therapist. Having worked in several rehabilitation clinics, Rajeev has learned the importance of good medical records for medical billing and liability issues and the importance of the good back and front office support. He has extensive knowledge in SEO, medical billing and coding, and medical transcription. He has worked with a number of large organizations to effectively manage and provide outsourcing solutions.