Powerful Ecommerce through Facebook

Powerful Ecommerce through Facebook Facebook commerce is the new in-thing. With more than 800 million users who visit Facebook every month, there is tremendous marketing potential. Online retailers have possibilities if they can effectively target their potential customers. Being a social networking website, Facebook collects significant bits of information about users’ interests and habits. This can be crucial for helping retailers target their potential customers better.

The Difference between Facebook and Search Engine Marketing

These potential customers could be regular visitors who may not be intentionally searching for the particular product you are dealing in, but could get interested in it when they see your ads in Facebook.

With search engine marketing, users specifically searching for something are targeted. But with Facebook there is no limit to the kind of users who can be targeted. Random users could end up becoming your customers. This plus the massive capability of Facebook to enable users to share and recommend stuff makes this popular social networking platform the right place for a marketing campaign to multiply its reach and potential.

Targeting Specific Users through Facebook

However, Facebook can also help businesses target specific kinds of customers. It is important to start by listing some products first through random ads to gauge the response. Once you’ve started on this you could open up a Facebook store. Facebook provides a safe environment for users to browse products conveniently without security concerns.

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