Stay Away from Spammy Hidden Text Trick

Stay Away from Spammy Hidden Text TrickIt’s easy to defeat the human eye, but not the search engines! Hidden textual content or links are not perceptible to the human eye, but can be read by the search engines.

Adding invisible text was one of the black hat SEO tricks that did wonders in 1996 and 1997. Many webmasters and SEO beginners frequently included hidden text in HTML web pages to attain high SE rankings. But nowadays with the continuous updates of SE algorithms, it’s hard to hoodwink the search engines as they started recognizing invisible text and reported as web spam. Presenting varied information to visitors and search engines will lead to your site being marked as untrustworthy and penalized for violating the rules and guidelines.

Top Most Search Engine Guidelines for Hidden Text and Links

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing clearly mention their rule for spammy text and links in their quality guidelines. They will do nothing other than drop this type of content and pages from their index.

Google: Quality guidelines – specific guidelines -> “Avoid hidden text or hidden links.”
Yahoo: Content that Yahoo! does not want included -> “The use of text or links that are hidden from the user.”
Bing: Bing SEO forbidden stuff -> “Using hidden text or links. Only use text and links that are visible to users.”

Methods of Using Invisible Content or Keywords in Pages

Invisible content or keyword stuffed sentences can be inserted in numerous ways.

  • Using the font color same as the background color or image
  • Using CSS style sheets instead of embedding HTML font tags
  • Hiding a DIV using Z-index position command

Just selecting the complete text of the page allows the visitors to review these pages. The hidden text will be highlighted in a different color from that of the background.

Utilizing forbidden strategies such as invisible content and keywords may cause you to be caught and penalized even through one of your competitors. Make use of the right White Hat SEO tactics to figure among the top organic search results.

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