Tips for Promoting Business on LinkedIn

Tips for Promoting Business on LinkedInLinkedIn is a social networking website used for professional networking and it connects professionals across the globe. LinkedIn is growing at a fast pace with around 175 million registered users across 200 countries. It is used by individuals and business people to get connected easily. Here are some tips you could follow to promote your business via LinkedIn.

Creating Company Profile

Company profile is a must and it should give a proper introduction to your business. It will be like a fan page to which other users can subscribe. It should consist of all important details such as type of business, services, products, expertise, experience and contact information. The company profile should be complete so that users will get important information about your products and services.

Subscriptions to Various Groups

This is an important feature which allows you to subscribe to different groups related to your business. Every user can subscribe to a maximum of 40 groups on LinkedIn. Taking part in group discussions will help you promote your business name out there as each post carries your name, photo and vital information. By posting in groups you can generate a good number of leads for your business.

Answering Queries

Show that you are an expert by answering the queries on LinkedIn forums. Thereby you can create an impression that you are an expert and also secure more clients.


You can ask recommendations from your clients, employers and colleagues.

LinkedIn Buzz

It helps to track public review about you or your company. Also, you can view any negative comments quickly through this Buzz.

Giving Direct Ads on LinkedIn

Through Ads you can increase your business reach.

Hiring through LinkedIn

Your company job vacancies can be posted in LinkedIn so that other users get a chance for applying. Moreover, you can establish the image that your company is a growing one.

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